Independence Studio - Green Screen
Green Screen, Services

Green Screen

[image_hover image="5636" hover_image="5638" link=""] GREEN SCREEN Introducing our Stage 1 Green Screen, with these dimensions:   40 ft. wide, 16 [...]
Independence Studio - Stage 2 - LED Curtain
LED Curtain, Services

LED Curtain

[image_hover animation="no" image="5639" hover_image="5641" link=""] LED CURTAIN Introducing our LED Lights and Curtain feature.    30 ft. wide, 16 ft.
Independence Studio - Blue Screen
Blue Screen, Services

Blue Screen

[image_hover image="5639" hover_image="5641" link=""] BLUE SCREEN Introducing our new Stage 2 Blue Screen set, with dimensions:    20 ft. wide  12
Independence Studio - Performance Stage
Services, Stage

Performance Stage

[image_hover image="5636" hover_image="5638" link=""] PERFORMANCE STAGE Performance Stage, with these dimensions:   23 ft. wide, 16 ft. deep [button size="medium" type="normal"
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